Friday, November 04, 2005

"Take the rest of these lily-livered motherf*ckers with you!" - W

A highly sensitive George W. Bush has been on a continuing emotional and mental decline. (Article 1, Article 2) According to Dave Thompson, many GOP insiders fear that his presidency is "effectively over" unless he takes a few, what he would consider, drastic and devistating steps.

Among these:

-Apologize to the American people, Congress and our allies for misleading them on the reasons for invading Iraq (No way. Bush is too self-assured that he can do no wrong. If God himself speaks to you, then you're tip-top.)

-Revamp the White House staff from top to bottom (This might be difficult considering Bush is running out of friends.)

-Fire Rove (This would be like you or me cutting off our head. Not a chance. Unless, of course, Rove is indicted in the Plame Affair AND dad says it's a good idea.)

There are three positions Republicans have taken on the issue of Bush. They are, as I see them, as follows:

The Ignorant Republican - From this position, liberal Democrats have "criminalized politics" and are responsible for distracting the American people from more important things. Supporting the president is of utmost importance during this time of troube regardless of how amazingly incompetent he may be.

The Thinking Republican - Party line is important, but these types do not want to align themselves too closely with the president, given his current problems. They realize they are presently in control of the federal government, but that Bush is a liability and may cause a massive shift in 2006 and give the Democrats controling interest in the Congress.

The Wise Republican - They realize that Bush is a travesty, a general disgrace to America and her people, and is not fit for the job. They do not align with him in any fashion, and are concerned that he is destroying any credibility the Republicans have. (GOP against Bush)

In all, my recommendations to Bush are as follows: Start drinking again, double up on your anti-depressants, and leave office.


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