Thursday, November 03, 2005

Not Since 1861

Numerous people across the country want out of the present system that has afforded the executive branch of government powers approaching dictatorial, scandal and deception at every turn and sly-fox handouts to sypathetically wealthy corporations, special interests and individuals. Vermont wants out, too. No, they really want out.

Currently, there is a movement in that state to secede from the US. They passed a resolution stating such, and held an independence convention in a packed House Chamber of the Vermont statehouse. Is this a political ploy, you ask? Well, it may be argued as such, but realistically it is much more of a procedural step toward independence from the United States.

Second Vermont Republic is a peaceful, democratic, grassroots solidarity movement committed to the return of Vermont to its rightful status as an independent republic as was the case in 1791 and to support Vermont's future development as a separate, sustainable nation-state. The organization issued the following Independence Resolution:

"Be it resolved that the state of Vermont peacefully and democratically

free itself from the United States of America and return to its natural
status as an independent republic as it was between January 15, 1777
and March 4, 1791."

Here is their Declaration of Independence.

I imagine that if Vermont gets much further along and appears to actually make this work that Bush will consider that a personal offense, intervene and militarize the state, or, he might just bomb Montpelier and force them to open a McDonald's.


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