Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ken Masters

Occam's Razor states: The simplest answer is that Ken Masters was "silenced" prior to finding out exactly what those two SAS operatives were doing, not "suicidal" due to job stress.

The silenced theory solves the problem quickly without too much inference as to how the man died. The suicidal theory requires much too involved rationalizing of the facts to prove.

Masters was commander of the Royal Military Police’s Special Investigations Branch (SIB), charged with investigating allegations of mistreatment of Iraqi civilians by British soldiers.

Captain Ken Masters was found hung in his military accommodation in Basra on October 15.

SAS operatives were taken into custody by the Iraqi police after a gunfight. They were dressed in native Iraqi garb, and were travelling in a vehicle laden with bomb making devices and semi-automatic weaponry.

The British
drove a tank through the jail where they were being held to free them, and prevent them from divulging any information regarding their true mission.

British authorities later apologized for harm caused during the prison break and offered to compensate victims proving they knew about the operation and condone fake terror.

Ken Masters died for serving his country and doing his job thoroughly. Perhaps, too thoroughly.

Photo evidence.


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