Thursday, November 03, 2005

New Report Proves 2004 Vote Fraud in Ohio

Click here for the .pdf file of the report...send this to your representatives in the Congress and your local newspaper.

A copy of the recent GAO report on Electronic Voting Systems can be found here. A summary of the GAO report's findings can be found here.

Project Censored has released an excellent article on the topic. You can read it here.

From the National Election Data Archive report

Conclusion: Evidence for Vote Miscount in the 2004 Presidential Election

The possibility that the 2004 election exit poll discrepancy was caused by vote miscount has become increasingly credible as successive (E/M and ESI) reports claiming support for exit-poll error have instead provided more evidence for vote miscount.

The nonpartisan U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) in its September 2005 report "ELECTIONS --Federal Efforts to Improve Security and Reliability of Electronic Voting Systems Are Under Way, but Key Activities Need to Be Completed" on page 38 said,

"...there is evidence that some of these concerns [with voting systems]—including
weak controls and inadequate testing—have caused problems with recent elections,
resulting in the loss and miscount of votes."

The Ohio precinct-level exit poll data that was recently released shows highly irregular patterns of exit poll discrepancies that are not explainable by any exit poll error hypothesis, or “hypothetical”, offered to date. Neither a "constant mean" nor a “pervasive” pro-Kerry exit poll bias could possibly explain the E/M national aggregate exit poll data, or the detailed Ohio precinct-level exit poll data. To date no evidence-supported Exit Poll-based explanation of the Great Discrepancy has been provided.

The state and national, as well as the detailed Ohio precinct-level exit poll data provide strong evidence in support of a vote fraud hypothesis.


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