Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Finally Mr. Reid, Finally

The Senate is in a closed session to investigate the intelligence used in the run-up to the war. I never thought that we would actually get to this. My faith in the Democrats to properly force an investigation was completely gone until just a few minutes ago. Given Republican control of the legislature, who knows what will come of it. Keep your eyes on this one...

P.S. In response to the invocation of
Rule 21 bringing about the closed session and reasons behind it, the Republican leader Bill Frist said, "The United States Senate has been hijacked by the Democratic leadership. They have no convictions, they have no principles, they have no ideas". Let me address this on two fronts.

1. "Hijacked by the Democratic leadership" - It was the Republicans who
stole the 2000 and 2004 elections. If either party was doing any hijacking, it was the Republicans. They are determined to undermine American democracy and compromise our security.

2. "No convictions, no principles" - No question. Fristy, you
lied to the SEC and the Justice Department about your sale of HCA stock to cover your ass from prosecution for insider trading.

Transcript of Reid's statement...good reading if you are upset with the lies, misdirection and corruption.


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