Friday, January 06, 2006

Ariel Sharon (aka - The Bulldozer & The Butcher of Beruit) is dead, even though most officials will not admit it to the press

According to Channel 10, the official death announcement is planned for Sunday, when world markets are closed, assuming that this will suffice to accommodate the travel plans of A-list world and Jewish leaders.

Israel Insider subsequently received an additional confirmation from one of its original sources, which we here quote verbatim:

"Israel Resource News Agency confirms that at about noon today, Israel time, doctors at Hadassah Hospital and security officials at the Israel Ministry of Defence in Tel Aviv were simultaneously informed that Prime Minister Sharon had died during surgery.

"Israel Resource News Agency has again spoken with officials from both Hadassah and the Israel Ministry of Defence who were officially informed at noon of Sharon's death.

"That begs the question: why does the government of Israel deny reports of Sharon's death? There are two possible explanations. One is that, for whatever reason, the government is withholding the report. The other explanation is that Sharon has been placed on a life support system, and that Sharon is 'only' clinically dead."

Sharon on wikipedia.


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