Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Care for any LSD in your Cointreau, Mr. Cheney?

A must read from Jeffery Steinberg. This November 11, 2005 article discusses the mysterious death of Dr. Frank Olson (most likely killed by the CIA), the untimely canoeing accident death of former CIA director William Colby (most likely killed by the CIA), and how the Mossad has studied this case as a "picture perfect, deniable assassination".

If you are in a postition of knowledge in intelligence...don't tell anyone if you plan on leaving. It may cost you your life.

For all of their trouble and heartache, the Olson family received only $750,000 from the US government for the death of Frank Olson.

You are just as expendable, Dick.

Recent post on Mind Control/Frank Olson.

Frank Olson Legacy Project


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