Thursday, November 17, 2005

Republican Support is Waning, Mr. President

William Frey, MD, founder of Republicans for Humility, has written an excellent essay on why he has turned on President Bush and his policies.

From the Republicans for Humility Statement of Principles:

"The policies of the Bush Administration, which brought us into a war for the purpose of disarming a tyrant, promoted with cherry-picked and misinterpreted intelligence, now threaten to embroil us in an unending quest to democratize the entire Middle East with military force, in the name of "expanding freedom". Bush Administration policies continue to increase the size of government and of entitlements, financed with deficit financing, while falsely claiming this to be "conservatism". Bush Administration policies continue to increase the Orwellian intrusion of government into our lives, with erosion of our civil liberties, in the name of "security", all the while pursuing foreign policies which increase terrorist recruitment, and diminish our safety and security."

Read the essay here.


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