Monday, November 14, 2005

"The Congress saw the same Intelligence. I swear."

Yes, Mr. President. I'm sure they did. Your recent claim that the Congress got the same info you did is full of holes. What about the memo you wrote called "Disclosures to the Congress" on October 5, 2001? In that memo you stated that only eight, that's right, eight members of Congress would get to see the intelligence you and your Cabinet get. EIGHT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. That's about ONE percent of our governing body.

If all persons were allowed to drive a vehicle, but only one percent of those people were given driving lessons and a license, what do you think would happen? That's right, car crashes. And lots of them. Figure of the approximate 300 million or so Americans half of them drive. One percent of that number is: 1.5 million people. The remaining 148.5 million would stand the very likely chance of killing themselves or someone else every time they got behind the wheel. Let's say, for argument's sake, that of that 148.5 million only half of them get into an accident on any given day. That's 74.25 million accidents everyday! If only 2% of those were fatal you would have almost 1.5 million deaths EVERY DAY. If you, sir, were to allow the Department of Transportation to operate the same way you handle intelligence, you would kill over 10 million people per week. I suppose in light of this, the tens or hundreds you are presently responsible for on a weekly basis doesn't seem so bad.

Take it from me W, you've run this Buick into the friggin' wall. Dummy.

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