Thursday, November 17, 2005

2004 Tsunami caused by Oil Drilling?

I'm not even going to speculate. This is worth reading. Excerpt from the article:

One cubic mile of natural gas extracted every four years at epicenter Aceh facility presents a probable man-made trigger in 9.0 earthquake with accompanying tsunami that killed more than 225,000 people. Think of a gigantic boulder sitting precariously, nudged over the edge with a small lever.

The following is from a recent Safety Advisory Report on a proposed Gas Terminal in Long Beach, CA. This demonstrates that at least California understands that extraction can lead to man-made faults that may result in tsunamis...

"The site is in the middle of a subsidence zone caused by oil extraction. Subsidence is up to 27 feet in the area and is 18 feet on the proposed site. The subsidence has split the underlying land into man-made “fault blocks.” The site sits on one of these blocks that is barely wider than the site. The subsidence zone is supported by constant, pressurized water injection. The site is subject to tsunamis. A nearby fault could produce a major tsunami with virtually no warning. Pacific Rim quakes can also bring large tsunamis to the area." -(From the top of page 24 of the report.)


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