Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Modified Food

The US has a long history of questionable practices when it comes to food production. The advent of genetically modifying foods, in addition to the prevalence of chemical modifications, brings us to the precipice of forever damaging ourselves. What we don't know we are consuming won't hurt us, right? Wrong.

Every day, molecule by molecule, we are unwittingly redesigning our genetic makeup by eating modified foods. We have no idea how dangerous a practice this is. The federal government has not imposed any real in-depth, long term study as to the potential effects of allowing its citizens to consume such foods.

Since 1999, the European Union has paid a $100 million fine per year to the World Trade Orginzation because of its 1989 ban on US beef that contains growth-promoting hormones. The US lobbied the WTO througout the mid- to late 90s to "reprimand" the EU for banning altered beef. Unlike the US, the EU remains wary of the negative effects of modified foods.

For the full story, read John Feffer's article Chemical Farm at alternet.org

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