Sunday, October 30, 2005

Expanding the War

Syria may, in the end, prove to be a problematic and unwilling ally of the US, but bringing them to that point is frustrated by stepping into their territory and "fighting the terrorists" on DubyaD40's unilateral terms. (Note: Fighting the terrorists = Planting bombs, staging attacks, Northwoods in Iraq...there are real insurgents too) If the report by The Austrailian is true, then Bush and his boys aren't that far from toppling Syria. No doubt Iran will be served up right along with grandma's stuffing for Christmas dinner.

The United States is, without question, the most powerful country on the planet in terms of military capabilities. Likewise, without question, those that we harm in the process of utilizing that military for a war of choice will find it nearly impossible to express a favorable opinion about the United States or her people in general. For me this is the most difficult part: Knowing that the majority of the world hates me just because I'm an American.

Almost without exception the goodwill our entreprenuers, civic and aid organizations, previous political leaders, and academics built with the other nations of the world has been steadily eroded by this administration. Hell, for that matter the majority of the goodwill this administration had at home has eroded as well. The brazen show of indifference and self-righteousness is threatening to force it over the edge of the rock face overlooking the vast ocean between what our current leaders want for the US and what the people want. It's a cavitation that will either shake the dogs loose of the seat of power, or cause unrest such that has not been witnessed.

Perpetuating disgusting demonstrations of such a greedy lack of ethics on the world stage will bring about only one thing: The fall of the American empire.

Rome resorted to militarization just as their economy was hemorrhaging due to misguided fiscal policy. As support for the present war continues to diminish with both the citizens of the US and members of the armed services polling approval of the president and the war itself at record lows, the noose will slowly tighten around the collective necks of those who misled the world to war. As purchsing power lays wasted by inflationary policies, the dollar continues to sink, Russia and China are partnering in Asia (no doubt to level the playing field economically with the US), people will eventually find themselves in the proverbial financial pickle...wishing they could eat the damn thing.

Children in the US are poorly educated. As are most adults given recent studys. We aren't spending enough money on evidence by who presently resides in the White House.

Eventually, people will tire of watching more of their money go into the pockets of the wealthy.

Eventually, this empire will fall. I just hope it takes the rest of the Bushies down with it.

Viva America!


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