Friday, October 28, 2005

USS Liberty

In light of recent demands of the United States by Israel to initiate all out war against Syria and Iran I feel it necessary to bring to the forefront the incident surrounding the USS Liberty.

The Liberty was a converted destroyer setup as a signals intelligence (SIGINT) platform by the NSA. It was listening to Israeli communications in international waters during the 6-Day War in 1967. An unprovoked attack by Israeli fighter planes and torpedo boats resulted in massive damage to the ship and the death of almost 40 US Navy personnel.

It should be noted that the Liberty was picking up communications suggesting that Israel initiated hostilities in the 6-Day War, contrary to Israeli claims of being attacked. The murdering of Arab POWs was also inferred from the interecpted communications. Ariel Sharon took part in these murders.

Israel has a proven record of initiating unecessary hostilities. They are currently hedging themselves against having to deal with another nuclear power in their region of influence by attempting to draw the United States into armed conflicts with Syria and Iran. Russia has made it known that they will support both of those countries should any hostile action be taken against them. Largely unreported is the claim that Iran has proof that the British have been bombing towns along the Iraqi border. There is so much deception here it feels at times the truth is buried too deep, but we must keep digging.

This should not be construed as anti-semitic, nor anti-Israel. It should just be noted.


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