Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bush clears the way to sell weapons to another tiny African nation...

...this time it is Lesotho.

Presidential Determination No. 2006–18 of August 2, 2006: Waiving Prohibition on United States Military Assistance With Respect to Lesotho

You may remember that recently there was a
similar memo (Presidential Determination No. 2006–16 of June 19, 2006) regarding Swaziland. Both Lesotho (11,717 sq miles) and Swaziland (6,704 sq miles) are countries that reside "within" South Africa. Lesotho and Swaziland have some of the world's highest concentrations of AIDS victims: over 25% of the populations. Swaziland has the world's lowest life expectancy at under 33 years.

Hey George, why are you selling them guns and not sending in medicine?!


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