Friday, August 18, 2006

BushCo changes public access, FOIA rules for HUD

Public Access to HUD Records Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Production of Material or Provision of Testimony by HUD Employees; Proposed Rule

The long and the short of it: HUD and the CIA have been involved for decades in scandal. The Bush family has full knowledge of the details and wants to cover its collective ass.

For the full account read the following: Former Bush Assistant Secretary for HUD Reveals "Ethnic Cleansing" Connected to CIA Drug Dealing in Los Angeles

Directly from the proposed rule:

ยง 15.202 Production of material or provision of testimony prohibited unless approved by the Secretary or General Counsel.

Neither the Department nor any employee of the Department shall comply with any demand for production of material or provision of testimony in a legal proceeding among private litigants, unless the prior approval of the Secretary or General Counsel has been obtained in accordance with this subpart.


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