Sunday, July 16, 2006

Defused bomb crucial to Mumbai investigation

As forensic scientists begin poring over the wreckage of Tuesday’s seven train bombings in Mumbai, India, experts say the defusing of an eighth bomb could prove crucial to the investigation.

"It's enormously important to have discovered and defused one of the bombs," says Sidney Alford, a UK-based bomb disposal expert. "It lets you make some pretty critical deductions. You can work out the source of the explosives and perhaps the detonators. You may even get fingerprints or DNA."

In the space of 11 minutes on Tuesday 11 July, seven synchronised bombs blew apart several commuter trains and train platforms, killing 190 and injuring more than 700 people. Rush-hour traffic, a shortage of ambulances and monsoon rains combined to impede rescue efforts. "It took hours getting the bodies inside the hospitals," witness Bunty Jain told AFP. No terrorist group has yet claimed responsibility for the bombings.


Let's see if there is anything further mentioned about this link back to those who carried out the attacks...I'll keep you posted.


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