Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bin Laden says he wasn't behind 911 attacks

There is nothing concrete here, but the fact that bin Laden initially denied his involvment, and that the FBI doesn't have any evidence linking him to the attacks poses yet another set of questions about the attacks.

CNN, 9/17/2001:

In a statement issued to the Arabic satellite channel Al Jazeera, based in Qatar, bin Laden said, "The U.S. government has consistently blamed me for being behind every occasion its enemies attack it.

"I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks, which seems to have been planned by people for personal reasons," bin Laden's statement said.

The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.


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