Sunday, July 16, 2006

Couple sues Lake Forest Park police for barging in without warrant

Miciah Massey, 31, says he stumbled to the door in his underwear the night in question, peered through the window and saw two Lake Forest Park Police officers standing there. "I said, 'Just a minute,' and went back to the bedroom to put my pants on." He was met by his frightened partner, Tashawntay Wade, 23, already wearing a bathrobe, who went to see what the officers wanted.

In the next few minutes, the family says, it was terrorized by an officer who walked into their home without a search warrant. The family says the officer woke from a deep sleep two little girls, as well as Massey's elderly father who suffers from both bone cancer and mental problems.

But it wasn't anyone in the family whom police were after that November night. Rather, their target was a family friend wanted on a misdemeanor DUI charge who lives 1,100 miles away and had once spent a couple of nights at their home. He failed to appear for a court date, and an arrest warrant was issued.


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