Monday, May 08, 2006

DIY Cruise Missile construction diary

The goal of this project is to create a real, live, flying cruise missile with much of the functionality of the cruise missiles currently employed by the military forces of many western nations on a budget of $5,000.

Project Milestones:
Phase 1: Initial Procurements
Phase 2: Airframe Design
Phase 3: Engine Design
Phase 4: Engine Construction
Phase 5: Airframe Construction *NEW*
Phase 6: Engine Testing
Phase 7: Engine Installation (with ancilliaries)
Phase 8: Flight Control System Design
Phase 9: Flight Control Systems Installation
Phase 10: Launcher Design
Phase 11: Launcher Construction
Phase 12: Launcher Testing
Phase 13: Initial (manually piloted) Flight Testing
Phase 14: In-flight Auto-Guidance System Testing
Phase 15: Deployment.


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