Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Lincoln Assassination, the Roman Catholic Church, the Bush Family, and the Decline of Democratic Freedom

C.T. Wilcox has put together a book called The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government and the Truth Behind the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. [
follow the link for a copy of the first chapter] [well worth the read...]

In 1822 the Catholic Monarchies of Europe got together with the Vatican and agreed on a plot to destroy the concept of representative popular government. Professor Samuel F.B. Morse, a founding member of the American Nativist Movement, investigated this plot and eventually wrote a book, which appeared in installments in the 1835 editions of the New York Observer, entitled, "Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States". What he found has been in operation ever since, the fully ripened fruits of which we are realizing only since the administration of President Ronald Reagan, the first president to officially recognize the Vatican State since the U.S. cut off all diplomatic ties in 1867 as a result of its connection to the murder of Abraham Lincoln.


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