Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fla. Man Charged After Allegedly Pushing Rescue Workers To Get To Daughter

A Holiday man who allegedly pushed past rescue workers to get to his daughter injured in a car crash is facing felony charges.

Karl Swanson told the St. Petersburg Times that he got a call from his daughter's cell phone late Tuesday.

The caller apparently said his 18-year-old daughter was in a terrible crash and was in critical condition.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers said the 48-year-old anesthesiologist drove into the scene, narrowly missing an emergency helicopter, then pushed past a trooper and a paramedic to get to his daughter.

Swanson was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and battery on an emergency medical care provider.

He was freed on a $10,000 bond.

Swanson's daughter, Krystyna, remains in serious condition at a hospital.

The father defended his actions by saying he was told his daughter was dying and had to go to her.


I hope that these charges are dropped...the abuse of power in this country has risen to levels that need to be tamed. I know that the law enforcement officer and medical care provider were just doing their jobs, but if that was your child wouldn't you want to be with them in their time of need...don't you think the child would want you too? The audacity to file battery charges against this man is vile, and a sad marker of what this country has become. To hell with your overblown egos cop and medic...what if it was your kid?


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