Monday, September 11, 2006

George W. Bush...better late than never when it comes to help

In all his wonderful benevolence, George W. Bush (our "greatest" president) has deemed it time to mandate assistance to disaster victims. One year to the day after hurricane Katrina devastated the northern Gulf coast. It amazes me that he is able to declare victory, even a mission accomplished after only a few months, but waits 365 days to declare that the federal government is genuinely interested and behind every US citizen victimized by disaster. May he wish he never aspired to federal office.

From Executive Order 13411:

Policy. It is the policy of the Federal Government to ensure
that individuals who are victims of a terrorist attack, natural disaster, or
other incident that is the subject of an emergency or major disaster declaration
under the Stafford Act, and who are thereby eligible for financial or other
assistance delivered by any department or agency of the executive branch
(Federal disaster assistance), have prompt and efficient access to Federal
disaster assistance, as well as information regarding assistance available
from State and local government and private sector sources.

Meanwhile, where is the assistance for the victims? Oh, it is currently allocated for Iraq. Sorry, Charlie.


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