Friday, September 01, 2006

**MUST READ** Twenty Things We Now Know Five Years After 9/11

In short, Bush&Co. used and then grossly abused the awful events of 9/11 -- and continues to do so -- in order to expand and maintain power, to move aggressively in the world, to pay off corporate and wealthy-individual supporters through huge tax breaks (in the middle of a war!), to create a one-party system of government, to neuter the legislative and judicial branches and thus violate our time-honored checks-and-balances system that provides a brake on executive excesses, to amass more and more police powers in federal hands, to effectively control the mass-media and the vote-counting system in this country, etc. etc.


1. The Facts of 9/11.
2. PNAC & the Neo-Cons.
3. Oil & the Politics of PNAC.
4. Sexing Up the Intel.
5. The Downing Street Revelations.
6. The Big Lie Technique & WMD.
7. Iran Is Beneficiary of U.S. Policy.
8. Iraq As a Disaster Zone.
9. The Stretched-Thin Military Needs Bodies.
10. Hiding the Facts from the Public.
11. Perilously Close to Dictatorship.
12. Torture As Official U.S. Policy.
13. The Bill of Rights Goes "Quaint."
14. Outing CIA Agents for Political Reasons.
15. Do You Know If Your Vote Is Counted?
16. There Is No Real Economic Plan.
17. Drowning Government In a Bathtub.
18. Who Cares What You Drink or Breathe?
19. It's Greed for Money, Control, Power.
20. It's Faith Over Science, Myth Over Reality.


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