Sunday, August 06, 2006

Der Spiegel ElBaradei Interview

The interview is short, but covers a fair amount of ground.

SPIEGEL: There have not been any UN inspectors in North Korea since the end of 2002. Does Pyongyang pose a more dramatic threat [than Iran] to humanity?

ElBaradei: Most specialists and intelligence experts, including the Americans, believe that Iran is still five to ten years away from building nuclear weapons. In this respect, North Korea is much further along than Iran. Indeed, a nightmare scenario has already developed in North Korea.

Charles W. Freeman, a long-time State Department China hand who was deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing during the Reagan years, recollects a still-born step toward opening direct talks with North Korea that might have emerged from a surprising Chinese offer during the first Reagan administration to broker real diplomatic discussions. This initiative was effectively killed, according to Freeman, by the determined opposition of Paul Wolfowitz, who was then Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

Mr. Wolfowitz has effectively scuttled any attempts at real concert between nations for non-proliferation for decades in favor of sullying the United States' global image for a teenage sense of "I am better than you, so do as I say or I'll rape your sister". God bless you paul. Thank you for keeping America #1 in the eyes of the world. Real Americans love this country for what it represented. Your followers (fanatical -- dare I say radical fundamentalist -- christians) are the bane of our society. Don't get me wrong...they are entitled to their beliefs and ways of life just as anyone else is, but look at what you've done. Great, we have a very loose hold on Iraqi oil. Wooo. Now what? Alienate the rest of the world by pushing on Syria and Iran and Saudi Arabia? Oh, of course. That, I forgot, has been the plan all along. Go get 'em tiger. If you believed in your ideas as much as you profess, you would get off of your policy and planning plank, spit on your comb, brush your hair, and go push a gun in some poor Arab's face so you can take his oil and make America "safe and secure" for another 20 years. Boo Yah.


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