Sunday, August 06, 2006

UN report a 'moral indictment' of US

Following a series of hearings held in Geneva in July, the United Nations Human Rights Committee has released a final report which, as RAW STORY has learned, amounts to a moral indictment of US treaty violations, as well as what some attendees and delegates describe as US hubris, willful disregard for international and domestic law, and contempt for the Committee itself.

“The US ratified only three human rights treaties out of seven major human rights treaties. In fact, the US and Somalia are the only two countries in the world that have not ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child – and Somalia does not have a functional government!” said Jamil Dakwar.

“Judging from the lack of domestic application of human rights law, and from the gap between human rights law and US law in many areas, we can certainly say that the US government had never taken its human rights treaty obligations seriously,” he added.

PDF of the UN report


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