Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hustler Magazine, the only publication willing to brave reporting the apparent Lemme murder cover-up

By Brad Friedman of [click here for the full story]:

More than a full year after I wrote the original draft for them, Hustler is now running my story on the mysterious "suicide" of Raymond Lemme, of the Florida Inspector General's office. This is the first time that uncovered police photos — the ones which were not supposed to have existed — have appeared in print, not counting the Internet, to our knowledge.

Here's a
pornography-free PDF of the article — (WARNING: Includes graphic photos. Plus a sidebar on Clint Curtis' run for congress!) — as it's currently running in the September issue now available at a newstand near you. Unless you live in Utah.

Lemme was the investigator from the Inspector General's office at the Florida Department of Transportation who turned up dead in a Valdosta, GA motel room just weeks after allegedly telling Clint Curtis that his investigation into Curtis' claims [vote fraud, Tom Feeney's request for "vote rigging software", conflict-of-interest, overcharging the government, etc.] went "all the way to the top."

photos taken at the scene by the cops didn't exist, according to the police report, until they turned up on the Internets after some jerk reported the whole story (we are that jerk) — causing the Valdosta Police to re-open the case, before swiftly shutting it back down again for equally mysterious reasons. You can catch up on that story here, as we broke those new details in the Lemme case in early 2005.

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NASA Labor Union endorses Clint Curtis in his hopes to unseat corrupt Republican congressman Tom Feeney in Florida's 24th U.S. congressional district this fall


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