Wednesday, December 07, 2005

US Air Marshals Shoot and Kill a Manic-Depressive in Miami

No attempt to tackle, no attempt to wound, no attempt to taser, just shoot to kill. This is sad, and the dead man's wife should file suit.

This raises larger questions about how law enforcement handles threats. No doubt that claiming you have a bomb-ba-bom-bom-bomb on in the vicinity of an airplane is ground for the use of force as a means to disable a threat, but when there is readily available evidence that the person in question is mentally challenged (i.e. a wife screaming that her husband is off his medication) consideration should be given that would prevent the unnecessary death of an American citizen.

Air Marshals knew Rigoberto Alpizar was mentally ill prior to shooting him.

Numerous eye witness accounts don't match official story.

Becky Akers article.

UPDATE 12/12: Internal DHS report admits Alpizar did not claim he had a bomb.

“Although witness statements contain conflicting information, none of those interrogated following the incident collaborate any utterance by the suspect that he either possessed, or intended to detonate, an explosive device,” the report says.


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