Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Michael Meiring, possible CIA asset, responsible for boming in Asia, back safely in USA

Michael Meiring is a man at the center of a mystery, a fugitive from justice, a man who may be closer than you think. And it began in 2002 in Spring and half a world a way in the Philippines where Davao City was fighting its own war with terrorism and losing.

At the Evergreen Hotel a bomb went off damaging the building and leaving a victim, Michael Meiring, a South African-born American citizen and self-proclaimed treasure hunter.

He was rushed to the hospital where doctors soon realized he would lose his legs.

Soon after Michael Meiring was gone, vanished and eventually removed from the Philippines- allegedly with the help of officials from the United States Embassy which issued a denial of any involvement in Meiring's departure.

Police bomb experts determined the center of the blast came from a metal box, now destroyed, that Meiring had been keeping in his room.

And affidavits from hotel employees state Meiring told them for weeks not to touch the box when cleaning the room and to not to use any chemicals either.

So what was inside?

First, a lab report showed the explosive was ammonium nitrate.

Then a bomb officer said they found the remains of two 6-volt batteries, an electric blasting cap, and other items including a circuit board.

Davao City prosecutor Raul Bendigo says the explosion was caused by an improvised bomb Meiring was keeping in his room.

"They had evidence to prove that the bomb was already assembled," he said.

And he added that, "If blowing up a building qualifies one as a terrorist, and I suppose that should qualify one as a terrorist, then Mr. Meiring would be a terrorist."

Excellent article with links on the topic of Meiring

Transcription from the Phillipine Senate where Meiring is discussed as a spy suspect...one of a long list. [see document page 247]


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