Friday, September 15, 2006

Everyone's First Reaction Was "Controlled Demolition"

Rarely highlighted footage of an NBC news anchor commenting that the collapse of the twin towers was by no means accidental and that it was a "planned" event, emphasizes the point that before the official mind control script was introduced and parroted forevermore, everybody's first reaction was "controlled demolition."

The NBC anchor featured in this clip is simply reacting to the events he is witnessing with common sense in stating that the collapse of the trade towers was obviously a planned event and by no means an accident or a simple consequence of jets hitting the buildings.

"This was clearly -- the way the structure is collapsing -- this was the result of something that was planned."

"This is not, it's not accidental that the first tower just happened to collapse and then the second tower just happened to collapse in exactly the same way."

"How they accomplished this, we don't know. But clearly this is what happened."


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