Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bush taps DOD environmental official to serve as EPA inspector general

It seems that Bush is on a roll nominating Inspectors General of various agencies who would prove to be the least suited for the responsibilities of the job...unless, you don't want anything investigated that might interfere with your connections to big business.

President Bush plans to move one of the Defense Department┬┤s top environmental officials to fill a vacancy at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

President Bush announced Aug. 1 that he plans to nominate Alex A. Beehler, of Maryland, to be inspector general of the EPA, serving as the agency┬┤s watchdog. Beehler has served as the assistant deputy undersecretary of defense for the environment since January 2004. Prior to that, he served as vice president for environmental programs for the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation. Earlier in his career, he served as a senior trial attorney at the Department of Justice.

Prior to serving in the Bush Administration "environmental protection" efforts, Beehler was at Koch Industries who faced a 93 count indictment for toxic dumping and coverup in Texas.

Records of campaign finances from the 2004 race show that
Koch Industries' Political Action Committee (KOCHPAC) disbursed $997,943.00 in total that year. KOCHPAC's single largest contribution of $15,000 was given to three individuals in the US House: JIM R. RYUN (R-KS), PETE SESSIONS (R-TX), WILLIAM MARSHALL THOMAS (R-CA). The next tier of $12,500 went solely to: Tom Delay.

6/30/2004: A congressional report released Tuesday found that the military is not taking steps to clean up areas where high levels of the hazardous chemical perchlorate have been found.

The report, by the General Accounting Office, criticized the military for lacking a comprehensive policy for testing and cleaning up perchlorate, a component of fuel used in munitions and rockets, and 19 other chemicals associated with munitions that present serious public health risks.

"The report represents an invalid characterization of the department's environmental efforts at operational ranges," Alex A. Beehler, an assistant deputy undersecretary of Defense, said in a letter responding to the report. [What Beehler meant to say was, "You cannot characterize our cleanup efforts such considering we have no desire to cleanup in the first place!"]

Read about David H. Laufman, Bush's nomination for IG of the DoD here


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