Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Why George W. Bush declined, and how he can recover by Harry W. Weber

Today, in the midst of President Bush's plummeting approval ratings -- having reached 37% -- and within reach of President Nixon's nadir during the Watergate scandal, it's fair to ask: why? Why and how did President Bush's job performance drop from over ninety percent to thirty-seven percent in roughly four years? And why is President Bush threatening to overtake President Nixon as the lowest ranked U.S. president since World War II?

Conventional wisdom would have it that Iraq's failure to form a stable government, and its inability to take charge of its defense against homegrown and foreign terrorists, together, explain the President's abysmal fall in stature in the eyes of the American people. The President's slow reaction to the Katrina disaster is another reason cited for the growing lack of national confidence in the President's leadership. But are these simply apparent causes, or are they the real cause of the American people's collapse of confidence in their President?


It's time for a new school of diplomacy, for a new "realism" that calls on all states to honor Israel, its people, and its right to fulfill its divine destiny -- to lead the world into a new age of morality, of light, to be a light onto the nations from the Holy Land that He bequeathed to His children. Let that new school of diplomacy be called "Isrealism" -- for Israel is real, and its reality should be the cornerstone of all nations' foreign policy, especially that of the United States.


This is why the US will attack Iran...sound like a good enough rationalization to you...?


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