Saturday, April 15, 2006

US keeps Libya on terror list

The United States is not ready to remove Libya from its list of state sponsors of terrorism, state department spokesman Sean McCormack said.

"There are certain requirements that need to be met under the law and regulations of the governing statute," he told reporters on Thursday. "In our judgment, we are not at this point ready to take them off of that list."


So, we don't negotiate with terrorists, we actually do business with them???

September 20, 2004, Executive Order: Termination of Emergency Declared in Executive Order 12543 With Respect to the Policies and Actions of the Government of Libya and Revocation of Related Executive Orders

I hereby terminate the national emergency declared in Executive Order 12543 [PROHIBITING TRADE AND CERTAIN TRANSACTIONS INVOLVING LIBYA] , and revoke that Executive Order, Executive Order 12544 [BLOCKING LIBYAN GOVERNMENT PROPERTY IN THE UNITED STATES OR HELD BY U.S. PERSONS], and Executive Order 12801 [BARRING OVERFLIGHT, TAKEOFF, AND LANDING OF AIRCRAFT FLYING TO OR FROM LIBYA]. I also hereby revoke Executive Order 12538 [BLOCKING IMPORTS OF REFINED PETROLEUM PRODUCTS FROM LIBYA] of November 15, 1985

What Bush did with this Executive Order was to essentially reopen trade relations with Libya, and allow the US to import petroleum products from that country...what he considers a state sponsor of terror.

Is there any logic?


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