Friday, March 10, 2006

Task force judges Russia an obstacle to U.S. interests

The Bush administration should stop pretending Russia is a genuine strategic partner and adopt a new policy of "selective cooperation" and "selective opposition" to the authoritarian government of President Vladimir Putin, a bipartisan task force has concluded.

In a grim assessment of the recent "downward trajectory" under Putin, the Council on Foreign Relations reports that in Russia democracy is in retreat, corruption on the rise and the Kremlin an increasing obstacle to U.S. interests. The goodwill that developed between President Bush and Putin, particularly after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has eroded.

"Russian-American relations are clearly headed in the wrong direction," the task force wrote. "Contention is crowding out consensus. The very idea of 'strategic partnership' no longer seems realistic."


Two thoughts:

1. "...democracy in retreat, corruption on the rise..." sounds like they are talking about the United States

2. "...headed in the wrong direction..." sounds like they mean that Russia isn't falling foot-step in with Bush's plans for Iran


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